Imagine that you can work hard the whole day and still be feeling fit and healthy as you relax in the evening. With Floww® you can. This innovative, patented technology reduces stress and increases vitality.

The Floww® technology is available in a range of products suitable for: mobile phone, laptop, tablet, computer, your entire home or when you are out and about. With Floww you constantly create your own healthy environment, wherever you are.

Less stress

More peace

More energy

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The mobileFloww® attaches easily to mobile and cordless phones by means of a self-adhesive strip - as close as possible to the antenna for optimum benefit.
The energy field extends about 50 cm around the device and this means that your head remains clearer, especially with extended calls, and users confirm your ear doesn't warm up so quickly.

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The screenFloww® is developed for use with your computer, laptop or tablet. Place the screenFloww within 20 cm of the screen to create a natural-energy field with a radius up to 1 meter.

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The personalFloww® can be used wherever you go. Carry it preferably close to your body, for example in the pocket of a jacket or trousers or in a handbag. At night, put it on your bedside table or place it under your pillow. This will help your own internal battery to recharge while you sleep and you will wake up feeling fit and fresh.

The personalFloww® comes in two sizes, small and medium. As a general guideline; males over 12 years of age should carry a 'medium' size, the 'small' version is suitable for females and all under-12's.

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The homeFloww®-set has been developed to support and maintain the natural energy of people, pets and plants in your home. The homeFloww-set is a balanced system of five components, which are placed in specific areas of the house. The homeFloww-set is effective for a volume of up to 1000 m3, a harmonious energy field is generated throughout your home which allows you to experience the peace of unspoilt nature in every room.

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Flowwing through life

Only 23 years young, she admits that her ‘suitcase of life’ has already been filled with a healthy dose of experience. Marissa Klouwer loves creating: she started as a choreographer, but is now mainly focused on new concepts. She dances a lot, does fitness, practices yoga, meditates, teaches dance- and strengthtraining, attended two universities, but is preferably busy….

"Maybe you can compare Floww to what I experience when I'm in the forest."

He grew up in Surinam and has learned to not only view medical science through a Western perspective. He approached Floww with the same broad view and since the first moment of contact he became an advisor of the company. Biomedical engineer Eelco Toxopeus elaborates…

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