About Floww

Floww Health Technology is the developer of a unique technology that makes use of radiation coming from electronic devices. Floww our products convert this radiation into frequencies that are naturally present in humans. So that we experience less stress and more energy. Floww Health Technology is a Dutch company founded in 2007. Our products are supplied worldwide through a network of distributors.

Who are we?

Floww Health Technology advises people to deal with radiation consciously and, in addition, to use it in a posistive way. Our starting point is that we live in a world where wireless communication has become indispensable. And we no longer want to live without this form of communication. Thanks to the patented, innovative Floww technology electromagnetic radiation can be converted into natural frequencies for more peace and energy. - Read more

Innovative technology

The principle behind the Floww products - and this is what makes Floww revolutionary - is that, with the energy of the radiation present in the living and working environment, they generate an electromagnetic field that counteracts the negative effects of radiation on biological systems. The devices comprise an electronic circuit of which the core consists of an induction coil and a capacitor. - Read more


“As a player in the National Australian Rugby league my body is under constant physical and mental duress. I have found that using Floww Health Technology products keep me calm and focussed. Since I've been using the personalFloww and mobileFloww my sleeping pattern has become regular, and I have found my concentration and focus has dramatically improved. This all adds up to helping me perform at my optimum level." - Read more