See how people experience Floww in the following stories.

floww referentieBen Smith, NRL rugby league footballer (Australia)

“As an NRL player my body is under daily physical and mental duress. I have found that using Floww Health Technology products has helped keep me calm and focussed. Since using the personalFloww and mobileFloww my sleeping pattern is now regular, and I have found my concentration and focus has dramatically improved. This all adds up to helping me perform at my optimum level. I can’t recommend Floww enough.”



Marie-Marth Prins, Primary school principal Michaelschool Leeuwarden (the Netherlands)

Since September 2013 we have an officeFloww in the Michael school. This is a system that consists of five small antennas, which together create a natural biological field. A field that redirects the possibly unhealthy radiation coming from Wifi, computers and other devices in the building. Because our school is filled with young children, I find it important to contribute to the healthiest environment possible.

After a pilot test of six months, we have decided to keep the system. Actually, this is mainly done as a preventive measure. Some sensitive children, parents and teachers have told us that they find the atmosphere in the building better now. A sensitive teacher also reported that she experiences more calm since the officeFloww has been placed. I am aware that these observations are subjective but they give me enough confidence to continue this pilot. For in the end, the long term effects of electrical radiation have still hardly been researched. I want to show that a radiation friendly school ís possible. Even though this is a subjective label


Jordi Loef, Zwanenburg (The Netherlands)

"I ended up with you, through the Alexander Institute in Venlo. My doctor there concluded that I am very sensitive to radiation, and alerted me to the possibilities at Floww Company. Being as therapy loyal as I am, I ordered screenFloww and mobileFloww the same day. As entrepreneur, I work a lot at the computer and make many calls on my mobile phone too. Since using these two Floww products, I can work a whole day behind my computer, without headaches, concentration problems, watery eyes, etc.and I can call as much as I want without getting a headache after a long call. Amazing!! Now I really ordered pocketFloww as well because the two other products are doing me so well".

R. Bouma, Sneek (The Netherlands)

“Thanks to the personalFloww I now have a much clearer head. I feel less agitated. The first day I took the personalFloww with me to work, was the first day I did not have a headache. This was a significant improvement. I still experience some dizziness when I take on too much tasks. These symptoms even increased in the week after I started using Floww. Perhaps these were withdrawal symptoms? During the first two weeks I also experienced some headaches when I got up in the morning, but as soon as I started sleeping with the personalFloww under my pillow, these almost entirely disappeared.”

J. de Bont, Tilburg (The Netherlands)

“The day after the placement of my homeFloww set, I was in my kitchen and experienced an extreme kind of ‘holiday feeling’: I felt as relaxed as I usually only feel after a few days on the campsite. My head felt calm, my body felt supple, and I actually felt happy. This struck me because it had been a long time since I had felt this way. From the moment I started using the personalFloww and the Floww drops, I also regained my clear thinking. Before, it sometimes felt as if I could not think properly; I was constantly confused and forgot what I was doing. I also had trouble holding a conversation: I often couldn’t come up with words or lost my point after two sentences.”

Edwin Wijsman, Noordwijk, commercial position in the flower import industry (The Netherlands)

“At the office I always spend a lot of time behind my two screens. Usually, after a few hours, I could feel my energy slipping away and at the end of the day I would have dry eyes and would feel exhausted. After purchasing the personalFloww, I felt a bit ill for a few days. I was nauseous and had a flu-like feeling. According to my therapist this could be seen as a detoxification process: now that my cell communication was being restored, a lot of substances that had been trapped in my cells were coming out.  At the moment I experience a calm and relaxed feeling in my body. In general I now also have a greater sense of inner peace. Thanks to Floww, everything is fine now and I have no more complaints.”

Hans IJtema, Nieuwehorne (The Netherlands)

“Our daughter had an extreme form of eczema and suffered from insomnia because of this. A homeopath ran some tests which showed she was overexposed to radiation, which, amongst other things, was expressed in her eczema. We then bought a personalFloww and saw her skin heal within weeks. She always wears the personalFloww now and sleeps well again.”

Wilma Postma, Garmerwolde (The Netherlands)

“In November 2011 I came in contact with Floww International. At that time my complaints had made me socially isolated: I just could not function amongst other people. Even my own house wasn’t liveable anymore. I could not watch TV or work behind the computer. Even my favourite hobby, gardening, or just sitting in the garden, became too much. When there was no safe place left in my home, I began to feel threatened by the radiation. After the placement of a homeFloww set, things finally improved. Since then I always carry a personalFloww with me when I go out. Now I can visit my children again or go shopping. I can recommend Floww Health Technology to everyone.”

C. Groos, Poortugaal, lawyer (The Netherlands)

“I noticed that working behind a screen tired me excessively and caused an unnatural dullness. After I read about the possible effects of radiation, I bought the screenFloww. The positive effect astounded me! Now I can spend a full day behind a screen again without feeling exhausted.”