Watch how our users experience Floww in the following videos.

Claudia (Child Coach) and her son Kris about their experience with Floww. During his first four years Kris was a calm, sweet boy. But when he started school the teacher noticed that he showed ADHD-like behavior; something that had never been the case at the daycare centre. However, from the moment that Claudia linked Kris' behavior to radiation, purchased a personalFloww® and took several radition reducing measures, a visible change occurred and at the end of group 5 both Kris' behavior and his performance (as seen in eg. his grades and concentration) have improved a lot. Kris himself says that things are going better too and feels he is now a sweeter boy.

Danny Baltussen, a 19-year-old student, had his first migraine attack when he was twelve years old. Two years ago, during an internship at an accounts payable department, where they had ten computers, Danny's complaints increased. He not only experienced migraine more often, but he also developed problems with his back and neck. The osteopath who treated Danny, pointed out to him that the worsening of his symptoms could well have to do with the radiation from the computers. Danny then purchased the personalFloww®, screenFloww® and mobileFloww®. Danny: "I am very pleased to say that I have been free of complaints for 4 months now, while before I used to have a migraine attack every month."

The Swedish professor Olle Johansson is regarded worldwide as an authority in the field of electromagnetic radiation. He recently visited Floww® Health Technology in Nuland (The Netherlands) where he witnessed a blood cell test done via a Dark Field microscope. Together with Floww’s scientific specialist, drs. Paul Mak, he set up the criteria for a double-blind investigation with the Dark Field microscope, to be held in 2015 and which he will monitor as independent scientific observer. Prof. Johansson: “When you see what the health risks due to electromagnetic radiation are, it surprises me that the industrial world hasn’t yet come up with a ‘green’ solution to counteract the negative effects of EMR. The innovative products of Floww could well offer that solution and I am extremely curious to see the results of this investigation.”
Prof. Johansson is a researcher and lecturer at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden’s largest and best-known medical university and, coincidentally, the institute that awards the annual Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine. During the late 1970’s Professor Johansson was confronted with cutaneous damages that office workers developed using their computers. He invented the name ‘Screen Dermatitis’ for this. Now Johansson has over 500 publications and investigations to his name about the effects on health of electromagnetic radiation and EHS (Electro Hyper Sensitivity).