Is electromagnetic radiation harmful?

Wireless communication might also have a less pleasant side. There are people who complain of fatigue, insomnia, excessive perspiration and more, especially when they use the mobile phone and/or the computer frequently and for long periods. This raises the question whether these complaints are (also) caused by the electromagnetic radiation that enables the wireless communication. And whether these complaints are a prelude to more serious disorders in the longer term. Marc Schechtl, M.Sc. founder and CEO of Floww International, explains.

"Whether electromagnetic radiation is harmful, cannot be answered with a simple 'yes' or 'no'," says Marc Schechtl (40 ). "The most honest answer is perhaps that we do not know." Nevertheless, Marc, who is founder and CEO of Floww International, experienced the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation at first hand. And in such a serious way that he gave up a promising career as a tax consultant at the prestigious office of Loyens & Loeff to fully concentrate on recovering from his physical complaints. Only when he literally moved away from the world of offices, dominated by wireless communication, to the dunes near The Hague, where he and his wife lived in a tent, his quality of life began to improve noticeably.

High Sensitivity

"Of course," he says, "there are people who have a high sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation and have what is perhaps best described as an allergy to this type of radiation. Just like people who strongly react to a bee or a wasp sting. I myself am a good example of this type of hypersensitivity, called Electrical Hypersensitivity. But this concerns a relatively small group of people. With the question ‘is electromagnetic radiation harmful’, we rather mean the effects it has on large groups of people, and especially those that affect people’s personal circumstances so deeply that you could consider them a threat to public health. Although increasing research is being done into this matter - which in itself proves that governments and other institutions have their concerns - there is no hard evidence that this is the case. For example, in recent research into the use of mobile phones and the incidence of brain tumours, no correlation at all has been demonstrated. Although the researchers did point out that these results only apply to the short term: on average people have only been using mobile phones since 10 - 15 years. Which effects may occur in the longer term, is still not known."

Marc is not a defeatist however, and he most certainly does not want to spread fear. In fact, he is a great adept of the modern technology that connects people from all over the world in mere fractions of a second. "Of course," he agrees, "we do not want to give up the advantages of this technological revolution. And fortunately this is not necessary, because in the meantime a technology has been developed that transforms the electromagnetic radiation associated with wireless communication into biological frequencies. That is: into frequencies which are naturally present in humans, animals and nature. The starting point is that we do not fight the radiation, but use it. Thus generating a positive energy that makes you feel better in a wireless environment. This is the core of Floww Health Technology, a series of products for your cell phone, your PC or laptop and for the home and office."

PersonalFloww ®

When Marc and his wife, who, incidentally, is a physician and, like Marc, is firmly rooted in Dutch common sense, took up residence in their tent, they were introduced to 'radiation biologist' Jim Wagenaar. From Marc’s old point of view he was more like apparition from another planet than a brother in arms. "Indeed," he says now, "the world of radiation and alternative solutions was a far cry for me back then. However, if you're desperate, you’re willing to try anything and on my quest for a cure, I even consulted several alternative therapists and tried their therapies. All without lasting results. So when Jim, suggested to me ​​by my father, knocked on my 'door', I secretly thought: well, here comes another one..."

What Jim gave to Marc was the prototype of a product which is now called personalFloww®. Marc: "Jim had been studying the effects of electromagnetic radiation for many years and the device he gave me was the result of his work: a kind of transformer I had to carry with me all day. Almost immediately, it had a noticeable positive effect on me. Ten years have passed since that first meeting and in the meantime we have become an internationally operating company! And me? Well…,(big smile), I haven’t slowed down ever since."