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Use of wifi in French primary schools restricted by law

September 2016 - The French parliament passed a law in June which compels primary schools to switch off all wifi networks when they are not being specifically used for educational purposes. According to Senator Joël Labbé this measure Read More

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Date14 September, 2016
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American government study: relationship between EM-radiation from mobile phones and cancer in rats.

May 2016 - An American government study has uncovered a Read More

TEDx Talk ‘Wireless wake-up call’ by former Silicon Valley engineer.

Former Silicon Valley engineer Jeremy Johnson gave on 6 February this Read More

French oncologist Belpomme: “evidence for sickness from electromagnetic radiation”.

Sickness due to exposure to electromagnetic radiation can now be objectively medically Read More

Youth Health Care Cyprus: ‘Protect children against the radiation from mobile telephones and wireless internet.’

The government department for environment and youth health care in Cyprus launched Read More


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