TEDx Talk ‘Wireless wake-up call’ by former Silicon Valley engineer.

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Date25 April, 2016
Categories:Electrohypersensitivity, Electromagnetic radiation, Health and radiation

Former Silicon Valley engineer Jeremy Johnson gave on 6 February this year a TEDx Talk with the title ‘Wireless wakeup call’. TEDx Talks are short inspirational films with an innovative character that are highly regarded around the world In this presentation, Johnson wanted to create an awareness that the radiation from wireless technology has Read More

French oncologist Belpomme: “evidence for sickness from electromagnetic radiation”.

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Date25 April, 2016
Categories:Agencies and radiation, Children and radiation, Electrohypersensitivity, Electromagnetic radiation

Sickness due to exposure to electromagnetic radiation can now be objectively medically diagnosed and treated. That is the conclusion of the French oncologist Belpomme during the presentation of his investigation last February in Paris. He estimates that 1 to 10% of European citizens have reported a serious over-sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation generated by, for example, Read More

Research shows Floww affects blood circulation


Date26 November, 2015
Categories:Electrohypersensitivity, Health and radiation

Nuland, The Netherlands, November 2015 - The products of Floww® Health Technology, which aim to transform electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and other devices into natural body frequencies, affect the quality of the blood circulation. This conclusion may be drawn from a recently completed pilot study by prof. Dr. Anna van Wersch, health psychologist at Read More