Bellend meisje

In recent years the mobile phone has affected our lives and the way we interact with each other considerably. Especially young people seem to be glued to their mobile: they wake up and go to bed with it. Parents watch this with concern. Less intensive phone use could put an end to a lot of irritation and concern, for both parents and their children. Floww gives you 6 tips that can help.

1. More quality time

Build a mobile phone tower during meals or other family gatherings. Stack all mobile phones on top of each other. The one who picks up his mobile first, has to do the washing up, do a chore, give a round etc.

2. Support a charity

Fill in a FOMO test1 together (Fear of Missing Out: fear of missing something) and see who has the worst phone addiction. The person with the greatest FOMO has to donate something by SMS to a charity of choice.

3. More pleasure

Put your phone away once in a while and take a good look around you: take pleasure in the moment and in life. Decide to leave your phone off more often, for example during shopping or traveling by train. A person available for a chat is much more enjoyable to other people, than someone who is continuously staring at a screen. And instead of looking for information online, ask a (shop) employee instead. This way the world will be more pleasant and sociable (again) in 2015!

4. More fun

Watch YouTube videos together that make fun of excessive mobile phone use and/or that make you think. Current internet hits are: Get off the phone now 2, WTF no WIFI?! 3, Put That Thing Away 4, Look up5, Wake up call 6 Pass the salt 7 and Stop looking at your phones 8.

5. More contact

Create a mobile phone box in which everyone has to deposit his phone (switched off or on airplane mode) during a certain period, for example while eating, sleeping, or when you have visitors. The mobile box is similar to the telephone tower, except that everyone now has to do without his mobile for this specific amount of time.

6. More vitality

Give someone a mobileFloww® as a present. The mobileFloww® is a small device which can be attached to the mobile phone and which uses the radiation in a positive way. Users say they experience more peace and vitality.


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