floww heeft invloed op bloedcirculatie

Nuland, The Netherlands, November 2015 - The products of Floww® Health Technology, which aim to transform electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and other devices into natural body frequencies, affect the quality of the blood circulation. This conclusion may be drawn from a recently completed pilot study by prof. Dr. Anna van Wersch, health psychologist at Teesside University in Middlesbrough, England, in collaboration with prof. Dr. Can Ince, physiologist at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam.

For the producer of Floww the most important is what people experience for themselves. But in order to make the products accessible to everyone, a lot of attention is also being paid to scientific research that can demonstrate, and if possible visualize, the way Floww works. Paul Mak MSc, scientific staff member at Floww International: "The question, of course, is how to set up a research that will prove beyond any doubt that the way Floww works is not merely based on the so-called placebo effect. Let me be clear about the results of this exploratory study; they are only a first step. Substantially more research is needed to demonstrate the precise operation and the effects on the body and that is what we intend to do. But what we dó know for sure now, is that Floww Health Technology contains active ingredients which, in any case in this preliminary research, affected the blood circulation."

The pilot study by professors Van Wersch and Ince consisted of blood examination with use of a so-called cytocam. This is a device the size of a ballpoint pen which is held against the body near the ear and which takes pictures of the blood there. These images can be seen directly on a computer screen. In this particular study, the blood circulation was examined of a number of subjects with and without a working mobile phone, as well as with a working mobile phone to which a mobileFloww® was attached with an adhesive strip.

Because this concerned a pilot study, a relatively small sample of seven people was involved. Paul Mak: "This might seem a small number, but for an exploratory study it is quite normal. At this stage representativeness is not an end in itself. You foremost want to find out how to set up the research to obtain answers to specific questions and hypotheses. However, when analysing the data it already became apparent that on a number of points the use of the mobileFloww had a significant effect."

The hypotheses for this study were based on the theory that underlies Floww® Health Technology. Paul Mak: "The main conclusion is, roughly translated, that in this pilot study the ability of the blood vessels to dispose waste and supply oxygen increased. You could say that the blood circulates in a more relaxed state. Contrary to what happens when people are stressed; for then a constriction of blood vessels occurs. When using Floww we actually see the opposite in this study."

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