Jeremy Johnson Tedx

Former Silicon Valley engineer Jeremy Johnson gave on 6 February this year a TEDx Talk with the title ‘Wireless wakeup call’. TEDx Talks are short inspirational films with an innovative character that are highly regarded around the world In this presentation, Johnson wanted to create an awareness that the radiation from wireless technology has an effect on the body.

Johnson worked for many years as an engineer and manager for one of Silicon Valley’s major firms. He was an enthusiastic daily user of mobile phones, computers and wireless internet. If you had told him then that wireless technology can detrimentally affect your health, he would have said you were crazy.

Johnson’s life changed completely after he came home from a holiday five years ago. He was suddenly afflicted by extreme headaches, heart palpitations, insomnia and tinnitus: complaints that were reduced when he was away from home. A colleague told him that her husband had been suffering from exactly the same symptoms since they had installed a smart electric meter in their home. Johnson went on a search through his apartment complex and found that several smart meters were present there.

After that, Johnson discovered his mission in life is to make people aware of the health risks of wireless technology. He now works as a health advisor and has, together with his wife who is a doctor, set up a website to inform people and assist them in using wireless devices in a conscious way. Johnson also gave, in the TEDx Talk, several tips about responsibly using wireless apparatus like smartphones and tablets.