Radiation is electromagnetic energy. The many different types of radiation – from solar radiation, X-rays, and radio-activity to emissions from telephone, radio and television aerials, Wi-Fi and cell/smart phones -  all belong to the electromagnetic spectrum. But what does this electromagnetic radiation actually do to us?  What effect does it have on our health and our children? And what do governments and scientists say about the possible effects of exposure to radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation

Every type of radiation, from solar radiation, X-rays and radioactivity to radiation from masts and mobile phones, are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Of the whole electromagnetic spectrum, we can only perceive light and warmth with our senses. Other types of radiation, can only be perceived through instruments. - Read more

Health and radiation

There are many thousands of people in The Netherlands and the rest of the world who will confirm from personal experience that radiation could cause sickness. In other words, who have health problems that may be associated with the presence and/or use of mobile phones, transmission masts, computers, fluorescent lights, home appliances and otherwise. - Read more

Electrohypersensitivity (EHS)

Electrohypersensitivity (EHS, also called electromagnetic allergy or radiation allergy) is the recognized term for people who are sensitive to electromagnetic (EMF) radiation. Symptoms range from a burning sensation of the skin to exhaustion and dizziness. - Read more

Cildren and radiation

Children are actively engaged with wireless communication. They grow up with mobile phones, tablets, laptops and gaming consoles. They also spend a large part of the day Facebooking, Tweeting, gaming or Whatsapping and quite often they even take their mobile phone with them to bed to exchange the latest 'news' with their friends. If this type of radiation affects our body and our well-being, our children are a particularly vulnerable group. - Read more

Authorities, doctors and scientists

More and more organizations and governments are paying attention to consciously deal with radiation. For example, France and Belgium already banned wifi in schools and kindergartens. But also the World Health Organization has a clear opinion. What do they think about the potential effects of radiation? And what does the Council of Europe advise? - Read more