Children and radiation

Nowadays, children are even more actively engaged with wireless communication than adults. They grow up with mobile phones, tablets, laptops and gaming consoles like Play Station and Xbox, and spend a large part of the day Facebooking, tweeting, gaming or whatsapping. Quite often they even take their mobile phone with them to bed to exchange their latest 'news' with friends and girlfriends. There it often ends up under their pillow while they are asleep. Therefore, if this type of radiation affects our body and our well-being, our children are a particularly vulnerable group. All the more because they generally have a lower resistance than adults.

Not without reason, the Council of Europe (CoE) published a report in 2011 saying that electromagnetic waves from wifi and cell phones could possibly pose a health risk to children, even at radiation levels below the current safety limits. Starting from the principle that it is better to avoid risks we do not fully understand, the CoE advocates a very cautious attitude to electromagnetic radiation, particularly in schools. In Belgium, sales of mobile phones to children are even banned, a precaution to protect children against the radiation from these phones. This law has now been published Belgium’s State newspaper. France, in turn, adopted a law in January which prohibits wifi at day care centres (for children up to 2 years). In addition, tablets may not be advertised for children under 14, under penalty of a fine of 75.000 euros.

Education in schools

Altogether, this was enough reason for Floww to develop an information campaign, in cooperation with several schools. The campaign, which make teachers and parents aware of the risks of radiation, also pays attention to children who suffer from learning disabilities, attention disorders, behavioural problems, chronic fatigue, insomnia and headaches; symptoms that according to some experts are connected to radiation.

Are you interested to take part in this campaign (free of charge)? Please contact us. Call Floww International in Nuland (073-3030480) or send us an e-mail.

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