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In 2011 the WHO classified the radio emissions from mobile telephones as potentially cancer-inducing (class 2B), this being due to the increased chance of developing a glioma, an aggressive form of brain tumour. Download press article


In 2015, the French government implemented a new law forbidding Wi-Fi in crèches and instructing schools to turn Wi-Fi off when not being used. Advertising for mobile communications, directed at children, is also not allowed and all wireless devices must, by law, come with instructions on how to disable the wireless communication functions. - Legal text


Since 2014, the sale of mobile phones specifically designed for children under 7 is no longer legally allowed. Also, the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of radiation levels must be displayed by the sale of every mobile phone and a health warning should be included. - Legal text


In 2016 the German Federal Agency for Radiation Protection (‘Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz’) stated that there were uncertainties with regard to the possible risks to health caused by extended use of mobile telecommunications. In order to limit these risks, the agency published a detailed list of recommendations to reduce radiation levels.  In 2007 the German government advised that people use wired computer connections at home and at work in place of Wi-Fi. - Website (2016) / Press article (2007)


In 2012 the Russian National Committee for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (RNCNIRP) ordered schools to strictly regulate the use of Wi-Fi and to use wired networks instead. - Download document

Advice from The Council of Europe:

Be aware when using wireless technology

Raad van Europa

In connection with the possible health risks of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), The Council of Europe passed a resolution in 2011. This constitutes an advice to governments to be conscious of the presence and usage of EMR and to adopt reasonable measures in order to reduce exposure to it. Particularly in the cases of children and teenagers.

A selection from the advisory measures:

  • Make people aware of the potential health risks from devices that use wireless technology, like domestic (DECT) telephones, baby phones and other domestic apparatus;
  • In the home - give preference to wired internet and telephone connections, if a wireless telephone is needed then choose a type that does not continually transmit;
  • Schools should also give preference to wired internet connections. And the usage of mobile phones by children needs to be regulated;
  • Specify maximum (long-term) exposure levels to EMR for all enclosed spaces.

Click here for the website of The Council of Europe


Freiburg Petition

In 2002 German doctors reported an increase in (chronic) health complaints after:

  • Intensive use of a mobile telephone
  • Installation nearby of a mobile communications antenna
  • Installation of a wireless (DECT) domestic telephone (also by neighbours)

A group of doctors from Freiburg have drawn up a petition, appealing for preventative measures to be taken, including:

  • Defining lower limits for exposure;
  • Giving preference to wired installations over wireless, especially at home, at school (from crèches right through to universities), in nursing homes and in hospitals;
  • The reduction of usage of constantly transmitting apparatus such as wireless telephones, wireless internet (Wi-Fi) and smart meters – and to ensure that they only transmit when they are actually being used;
  • extra preventative measures for children and young adults;
  • apply warning labels and safety guidelines for wireless devices.

The Freiburg doctors’ petition has been signed by more than 1000 other doctors and has received support from more than 36,000 people around the world. - Website

. - Website


Bio-Initiative Report


The Bio-initiative Report is one of the most extensive reports ever made about the health risks due to electromagnetic fields/radiation. It is based on 1800 scientific studies and 29 independent scientists and health experts have contributed to it.

The purpose of the report is to review the scientific evidence about the effect on health caused by exposure to radiation levels within the currently-defined exposure limits. And to evaluate what changes are necessary to reduce public health risks in the future.

Revealed by this report is the fact that health is affected by radiation levels far below the current exposure limits. The report recommends lowering exposure limits to electromagnetic fields from the standard now observed in many European countries. The Health council of The Netherlands does not see any reason, in the report, to alter its accepted view about risks caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields.


Download: Overview investigations

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