Cytocam shows effects in blood circulation

Research into operation of Floww® Health Technology pays off

Users of Floww regularly report how they experience more peace and vitality using the products designed to transform the electromagnetic radiation from devices such as mobile phones into natural body frequencies. For the director of Floww International, Marc Schechtl, this experience in itself is not enough. He has been looking for methods to demonstrate this effect scientifically too, and preferably also visualised. By now there are some first results.

The moment Marc Schechtl, founder and director of Floww International, held a prototype of the current personalFloww® in his hand, he experienced an effect. When in course of time he found himself structurally revitalised and permanently with more energy, he became convinced of the effectiveness and the positive effect on his health. With the help of this invention he was able to lead a normal life again, in spite of his sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation. And with him many thousands of people at home and abroad who indicate that they experience more peace and vitality when using one or more Floww devices.

For Marc the most important thing is what people experience themselves. "What good are scientific studies which say that a product works, when the users do not notice a thing?" However, it's also very interesting to find out how to prove scientifically that there is no question of a so-called placebo effect and that a device such as the mobileFloww® actually does contain an ingenious mechanism that transforms electromagnetic radiation into natural body frequencies. Frequencies that provide energy. Which measuring methods exist that are able to demonstrate and preferably visualize this operation? This question was the beginning of a passionate quest that Marc initiated several years ago and that is now beginning to pay off. A recent pilot study by prof. Dr. Anna van Wersch of Teesside University in Middlesbrough, England, in collaboration with prof. Dr. Can Ince from the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam shows that Floww, more specifically the mobileFloww®, affects the blood circulation.


Research staff member Paul Mak MSc, who analysed the survey data is cautiously positive. "It is complex and also costly to set up a study to demonstrate precisely how Floww Health Technology works exactly. Previously, Professor Van Wersch has set up a pilot study to see how people with health problems which they themselves attributed to radiation respond to the use of Floww-products. Subsequently, she did an experiment with a so-called dark field microscope. This enables you to see the moves that red blood cells make influenced by radiation from a mobile phone. The study that has now been carried out in collaboration with Professor Ince is also based on examination of blood, only this time with the help of a tiny microscope, a cytocam. This device, the size of a ballpoint pen, is held against the body near the ear and takes pictures of the blood there. These images can be seen directly on a computer screen. In this particular study, the blood circulation has been examined of a number of subjects with and without a working mobile phone, as well as with a working phone with a mobileFloww."


Because this too was a pilot study only a relatively small sample of seven people was involved. Paul Mak: "Yes, this may seem small, but for an explorative study this is quite normal. This kind of research does not aim to be representative. What we foremost wanted to know was how to organise a larger scaled research in order to find answers to certain questions and hypotheses. However, when analysing the data it already became apparent that the use of the mobileFloww had a significant effect on a number of points." The hypotheses for this study were based on the theory that underlies Floww® Health Technology which, briefly summarized, states that when using Floww blood circulates less rapidly through the veins, the blood vessel diameter becomes larger and the volume with which blood circulates through the veins and blood vessels increases. Paul Mak: "There are certain indicators against which this is measured such as the Mean Flow Index and the Perfused Vessel Density. But let's not make it too complicated. The main conclusion is, roughly translated, that the ability of the blood vessels to dispose waste and to supply oxygen increases. You could say that the blood circulates in a more relaxed state. Contrary to what happens when people are stressed; for then a constriction of blood vessels occurs. In this study we see that with the use of Floww, in fact the opposite happens."

Download the full report here.

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  • mobile


    For mobile and cordless phones

    The mobileFloww® for positive energy from your mobile phone. The mobileFloww® can be attached to mobile and wireless phones easily and creates a field of natural radiation around the phone.

    The mobileFloww® is the smallest product in the Floww® Health Technology line. It can be applied to a mobile phone easily by means of a self-adhesive layer, preferably as close as possible to the antenna. The device is an essential addition to the homeFloww® kit and the personalFloww® because the mobile phone is a radiation source that people are generally exposed to frequently and because the distance between radiation source and user is very small here.

    The mobileFloww® acts as a transformer and converts the electromagnetic radiation into a field of natural body frequencies, the so-called Floww® Field. The energy needed for this is provided by the mobile phone itself: the more radiation, the more powerful the effect of mobileFloww®. The Floww® field has a range of 50 cm around the mobile phone. Users indicate that they find making calls with a mobileFloww® attached to the phone more enjoyable and experience it as less stressful.

    The mobileFloww® can also be attached to a DECT phone, again as close as possible to the antenna that receives the signal from the base station.

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  • screenflow


    for tablet, computer and television

    The screenFloww® to use with your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone and television. Place the screenFloww® within 10cm of the screen to create a field of natural radiation around the screen.

    Screens of computers, tablets and televisions are a common source of radiation: not only when they are used, but also when they are standby. The screenFloww® has been designed specifically to create a healthy and natural environment in the vicinity of these displays.

    Users of the screenFloww® experience more peace and vitality when they sit near their computer, laptop or tablet. The device, which is to be placed within a radius of 20 cm from the screen, acts as a transformer and converts electromagnetic radiation into a field of body natural frequencies, the so-called Floww Field®. The energy that is needed here is provided by the radiation already present in the environment: the more radiation, the more powerful the effect of screenFloww®. The field of body natural frequencies that surrounds the screen has a radius of about one meter.

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  • Heer-met-personalFloww-high-res


    for on the road

    The personalFloww® creates a healthy and natural environment around you, wherever you go. Carry the personalFloww® close to your body, for example in the pocket of a jacket or trouser, or place it under your pillow.

    Especially for people who are 'on the go', Floww® Health Technology has developed the personalFloww®. This creates a healthy and natural environment around you, wherever you go. You can carry the personalFloww® with you in your pocket, your purse, or in your jacket. Note that the personalFloww® should always be worn on, or close to, the body.

    The device works like a transformer and converts electromagnetic radiation into natural body frequencies, the so-called Floww® Field. Within this field, users experience more peace and vitality. The energy which is necessary to create this field is produced by the radiation present in the surrounding area; the more radiation there is, the more powerful the Floww® Field. At night you can place it on the bedside table or put it under your pillow.

    The personalFloww® comes in two sizes: small and medium. The medium version is more powerful than the small version and is more suitable for men and boys over 12 years. The small version is developed for women and children under 12 years.

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  • home


    for at home and in the office

    The homeFloww®-set is a balanced system of five parts which are placed in specific areas of the house. The system converts the elektromagnetic radiation from devices in and around your home into biological, natural body frequencies.

    The homeFloww® set has been developed to support and maintain the natural energy of humans, animals and plants in homes charged with radiation. Floww® Health Technology does not fight the existing radiation, but uses it instead. The radiation is, as it were, transformed, converted. A Floww® product consists of a circuit of small electronic components. Floww® Health Technology responds to radiation emitted from one or more sources of radiation, such as mobile phones, DECT cordless phone, or UMTS masts.

    Floww® products resonate with the radiation and convert it into natural body frequencies. Thereby creating a subtle but distinct field that is 'fed' by the radiation sources. We call this field a Floww® Field.

    In principle, the homeFloww® set has a range of at least 1,000 m3.

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  • SAW-tekening

    Radiation Analysis

    For measurement of radiation levels at home. Measurement report and advice included. Price on request. 

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