"I think the effect of radiation is being underestimated"

Early 2014, Prof. Dr. Anna van Wersch of Teesside University in Middlesbrough conducted a pilot study into the effect of Floww® Health Technology. For this she first made an extensive literature study on the relationship between radiation and health problems. "I think," Professor Van Wersch says, "the effect of radiation is being underestimated. And that it can be harmful to our health."
Her report of the pilot study into the effect of Floww® Health Technology begins with a five-page list of scientific publications that have been published worldwide on the relationship between radiation and health. When asked whether on the basis of this literature survey she can say something about possible harmful effects, Professor van Wersch says: "I think the effect of radiation is being underestimated. And that it can indeed be harmful to our health. But we have no control over it, so we will have to live with it. Eventually our body will adapt itself to these new forms of radiation, in this respect I do have faith in evolution, but by which complaints this will be accompanied is hard to say. The strange thing is that these risks are being underestimated in The Netherlands. Especially when compared to neighbouring countries. Colleagues in Belgium, for example, work with estimation models based on an increase in the number of brain tumours in the next twenty years. Radiation burdens the immune system, although in healthy people this need not lead to complaints. The problem is the weak, the children, the sick and the elderly. Their immune system has already been weakened or has to work very hard to keep these people healthy."

Anna van Wersch is a professor of Psychology at Teesside University in Middlesbrough, England, and specialized in Health Psychology. One of her special interests is Complementary Medicine, on which she wrote the book Complementary Medicine and Health Psychology, together with two colleagues. The pilot study into the effect of Floww was conducted early 2014 and had a duration of one year. Professor Van Wersch: "We wanted to find out how we could best research the effect of Floww and what to expect whilst doing so. On the basis of the results I can say that in order to discover effects in a real-life study, we will need a very large sample to start with in order to neutralize the influence of so-called confounders. For we found a high number of these. I do not know if this is feasible. The most cost-effective is a controlled laboratory study."

The pilot study was a double-blind study. Two groups of 20 people were equipped with, amongst other things, a personalFloww® and a mobileFloww®. One group was given working devices and the other non-working devices, also known as placebos. The participants of the study did not know to which group they belonged, just as Professor Van Wersch and her team were unaware of this: the groups were sampled arbitrarily by a notary. Because both participants and researchers did not know who belonged to which group, this kind of study is called 'double blind'.

Professor Van Wersch: "The forty people who participated in the study all had severe physical complaints which could not be explained by the medical circuit. They were tired, had headaches, slept poorly, transpired much or did not feel well. All of them had visited the doctor many times and all of them had had antibiotics, blood tests, urine tests, and some had even had an MRI scan. All with the result that nothing was found. This is where medicine stops and psychology actually begins. "We can’t do anything else for you; all our tests have shown that you are in fact healthy. That you still don’t feel well could well be imaginary." And so they go to see a psychologist."

The confounding variables that blurred the results of the study consisted mainly of activities which participants, apart from using the Floww products, undertook to feel better. Professor Van Wersch: "They received Floww products, whether or not working, but at the same time they started to change their dietary and drinking habits, as if participating in the study was a go-ahead for a great physical purge. They started doing sports, picked up yoga, mindfulness, rebirthing... anything in order to feel better. In both groups participants started doing so much that it was hardly visible what impact Floww actually had. This does show how desperate these people are. And no, people who undertake activities like these are not necessarily ‘woolly’ or more sensitive to radiation than others. That would be a wrong assumption. I also interviewed people of whom you would absolutely not think: “This is a very sensitive person." For instance, there were some women from The Hague; very sensible ladies with demanding jobs, large families and considerable responsibilities. Certainly not the type of person you would expect to get stressed easily. But there were also people who did come across as extremely sensitive. For example, I went to a woman who had banished all TVs, computers and other electronics from her home. She said that even with Floww - and she had been given the working devices - she could feel the electricity cables running through her kitchen. She had very little energy and was just lying there in her room, where there were no lines and no wifi. And that is how she spent her days. To her experience, this did not change in the period she used Floww. But after three months, it appeared that she had in fact become more active. She went out for lunch again, had visited museums and other such things. She just did not notice this herself. In her idea there was no change at all. This proved to be different. Without noticing it herself she had begun to take up all kinds of things."

Prof. Dr. Anna van Wersch conducted a pilot study into the effect of Floww

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  • mobile


    For mobile and cordless phones

    The mobileFloww® for positive energy from your mobile phone. The mobileFloww® can be attached to mobile and wireless phones easily and creates a field of natural radiation around the phone.

    The mobileFloww® is the smallest product in the Floww® Health Technology line. It can be applied to a mobile phone easily by means of a self-adhesive layer, preferably as close as possible to the antenna. The device is an essential addition to the homeFloww® kit and the personalFloww® because the mobile phone is a radiation source that people are generally exposed to frequently and because the distance between radiation source and user is very small here.

    The mobileFloww® acts as a transformer and converts the electromagnetic radiation into a field of natural body frequencies, the so-called Floww® Field. The energy needed for this is provided by the mobile phone itself: the more radiation, the more powerful the effect of mobileFloww®. The Floww® field has a range of 50 cm around the mobile phone. Users indicate that they find making calls with a mobileFloww® attached to the phone more enjoyable and experience it as less stressful.

    The mobileFloww® can also be attached to a DECT phone, again as close as possible to the antenna that receives the signal from the base station.

    Productinformation and instructions mobileFloww®

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  • screenflow


    for tablet, computer and television

    The screenFloww® to use with your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone and television. Place the screenFloww® within 10cm of the screen to create a field of natural radiation around the screen.

    Screens of computers, tablets and televisions are a common source of radiation: not only when they are used, but also when they are standby. The screenFloww® has been designed specifically to create a healthy and natural environment in the vicinity of these displays.

    Users of the screenFloww® experience more peace and vitality when they sit near their computer, laptop or tablet. The device, which is to be placed within a radius of 20 cm from the screen, acts as a transformer and converts electromagnetic radiation into a field of body natural frequencies, the so-called Floww Field®. The energy that is needed here is provided by the radiation already present in the environment: the more radiation, the more powerful the effect of screenFloww®. The field of body natural frequencies that surrounds the screen has a radius of about one meter.

    Productinformation and instructions screenFloww®

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  • Heer-met-personalFloww-high-res


    for on the road

    The personalFloww® creates a healthy and natural environment around you, wherever you go. Carry the personalFloww® close to your body, for example in the pocket of a jacket or trouser, or place it under your pillow.

    Especially for people who are 'on the go', Floww® Health Technology has developed the personalFloww®. This creates a healthy and natural environment around you, wherever you go. You can carry the personalFloww® with you in your pocket, your purse, or in your jacket. Note that the personalFloww® should always be worn on, or close to, the body.

    The device works like a transformer and converts electromagnetic radiation into natural body frequencies, the so-called Floww® Field. Within this field, users experience more peace and vitality. The energy which is necessary to create this field is produced by the radiation present in the surrounding area; the more radiation there is, the more powerful the Floww® Field. At night you can place it on the bedside table or put it under your pillow.

    The personalFloww® comes in two sizes: small and medium. The medium version is more powerful than the small version and is more suitable for men and boys over 12 years. The small version is developed for women and children under 12 years.

    Productinformation and instructions personalFloww®

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  • home


    for at home and in the office

    The homeFloww®-set is a balanced system of five parts which are placed in specific areas of the house. The system converts the elektromagnetic radiation from devices in and around your home into biological, natural body frequencies.

    The homeFloww® set has been developed to support and maintain the natural energy of humans, animals and plants in homes charged with radiation. Floww® Health Technology does not fight the existing radiation, but uses it instead. The radiation is, as it were, transformed, converted. A Floww® product consists of a circuit of small electronic components. Floww® Health Technology responds to radiation emitted from one or more sources of radiation, such as mobile phones, DECT cordless phone, or UMTS masts.

    Floww® products resonate with the radiation and convert it into natural body frequencies. Thereby creating a subtle but distinct field that is 'fed' by the radiation sources. We call this field a Floww® Field.

    In principle, the homeFloww® set has a range of at least 1,000 m3.

    Productinformation and instructions homeFloww®-set

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  • SAW-tekening

    Radiation Analysis

    For measurement of radiation levels at home. Measurement report and advice included. Price on request. 

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